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What to expect


Before we begin, we’ll discuss any areas you would like to focus on and set an intention for our time together. Next, I will take you through a brief breathwork practice and guided meditation to help you center yourself before the reiki healing begins. In the session, you’ll lie fully clothed on a massage table with quiet music in the background. You’ll feel me place my hands above different parts of your body, connecting to your chakras. In my lineage, we touch the back of the head and the feet; however, physical contact can be eliminated all together if you prefer a hands-off method.

After the session, we will discuss if anything arose for you and I will share any insights relating to how the energy flowed through your chakras. This connection point brings deeper awareness to areas that may need healing and will help us track your progress. I often use this feedback session to offer practices to continue at home.


During a remote or distance session, I use specific reiki techniques and symbols to send energy healing from afar. The distance symbol is used to cross any distance in time or space and allows me to clear blockages from someone's past, as well as perform reiki on someone who is not physically present. Distance Reiki works according to an ancient principle called the Hermetic Law of Similarity which holds that because we are all made of energy, we are all connected and part of a larger whole. 


In the space of your choosing, preferably somewhere quiet & private, we’ll connect virtually. You can be laying down, meditating or sitting comfortably while I remotely connect to you. Similar to an in-person session, we will begin with a check-in to set our intention followed by breathwork and a guided meditation. I will close the session with any feedback that was received & share any aftercare practices.

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