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Welcome to Sunset Collective

Sunset Collective was created as a space to

find wellness through balance.
Connect your mind, body and emotions using the ancient modalities of 
reiki, ayurveda & yoga.

reiki services

balance and harmony on all levels

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in-person reiki

Connect to yourself & to the healing power of Reiki. 

Come visit me at

Sunset Healing Arts

in the Outer Sunset. 

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distance reiki

Receive reiki from the comfort of your own home. 
Distance reiki can be sent

to anyone, anywhere,

at any time. 

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group reiki

Collective consciousness is a powerful tool. 
Gather your people to celebrate, honor and heal. 

What is reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses gentle touch and specific hand placements to unblock, balance and allow energy to flow more naturally through the recipient’s body.


Reiki promotes deep relaxation, bringing the recipient into a meditative state and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. In this state, the heart and breath rate slow, blood pressure lowers, which leads to recovery & self-healing. Many people use reiki to help manage stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and even pain management. Reiki can also help process and release stagnant emotions, move trauma out of the body and help the recipient connect to their higher self or purpose. Today, reiki is used in hospitals and hospice centers alongside Western medicine to aid in the healing process. 

The term Reiki is composed of two parts; “rei” meaning higher power or wisdom and “ki” or “life force energy” referring to the nonphysical energy that flows through all living beings. Ki, qi or chi, depending on the lineage, can also be thought of as prana from the Ayurvedic perspective. Reiki is therefore defined as "spiritually guided life-force energy" or “universal life force energy.” 

To administer reiki, a practitioner acts as a conduit or channel for the reiki to move through their hands to where the recipient most needs healing. Connecting to the chakra or marma points in their palms, the practitioner uses the seven chakra centers as a map to lead them to the areas of the body that need balancing or clearing. 


Chakras are the main energy centers that exist in our subtle or etheric bodies. Each chakra has a corresponding physical, emotional & spiritual component. When a chakra is blocked, an imbalance occurs & dis-ease can manifest. Reiki works to unblock chakras & restore harmony in the recipient. 

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